Connecting with Outdoor Adventurers on Twitter

Connecting With Outdoor Adventurers on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to find outdoor inspiration, get advice and to meet like-minded outdoor adventurers. One of the best ways to get started is by participating in one of the many tweet-chats devoted to the outdoors. Most of these are weekly, online events that last about an hour. You participate in the conversation entirely via Twitter. The best tweet-chats have a host … [Read More]

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Featured Post

The 9th Annual Great LA Walk has been announced

Great Los Angeles Walk 2014

The 2014 Great Los Angeles Walk has been announced, and this year's route will, like, totally explore the Valley. For sure. The route is still being ironed out, … [Read More]

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SoCalHiker on your Mobile

They say you can't take it with you. They were wrong. Now you can take SoCalHiker with you on your iPhone, Android or tablet -- no app required!  Good support for mobile devices is one of the features that I've been working on for some time, and it's … [Read More]

Hiking Mt Baden-Powell

Hiking Mt. Baden-Powell

The sky was a deep, cloudless blue. The only sounds came from the occasional wind through the sparse trees and the crunching of my boots on the trail. I had just climbed nearly 3,000 vertical feet to the summit of Mt. Baden-Powell (9,399') -- one of the … [Read More]


Gear Review: Vargo Titanium Ascent Tent Stakes

It's been said that to reduce weight backpacking, you should "count the ounces and the pounds take care of themselves." With this credo in mind, I took the Vargo Outdoors - Titanium Ascent Tent Stakes out on a couple of recent backpacking trips. Here are my … [Read More]

Aliso Peak Trail has great coastal views

Hiking to Aliso Peak

South Orange County is often dismissed as a snooty, well-to-do slice of suburbia filled with malls, expensive cars and cookie cutter houses. It may fit that stereotype on the surface, but there is much more to explore. There are hidden trails like the Aliso … [Read More]

Muir Hut Taco Stand

What is #MuirTacoHut?

What is #MuirTacoHut? Is it a joke? Is it a hoax? Is it a rumor? All I will say for now is that @100peaks, PD and I will be out on the trail to Muir Pass this weekend. What will happen on the trail? Share your guess in the comments below, then check back … [Read More]

Best Hiking and Outdoor Blog Winners

USA TODAY’s Ten Best Hiking & Outdoor Blogs

Many of you know that SoCal Hiker was nominated for USA TODAY's Reader's Choice award for the ten best hiking and outdoor blogs. This morning, the final ten were announced and I'm thrilled to share that SoCal Hiker is in the top three! I started SoCal Hiker … [Read More]

Hiking to Angels Landing

Hiking Angels Landing

We ascended Walter's Wiggles, the 21-switchbacks carefully engineered and reinforced with sandstone blocks and were standing atop Scout Lookout, with awe-inspiring views down into Zion Canyon and over the Virgin River. Looming before us was a slender finger of … [Read More]

Backpacking to Mt San Jacinto via the Palm Springs Aerial Tram

Mt San Jacinto via the Palm Springs Aerial Tram

Mt. San Jacinto was one of the first big peaks I bagged as a teenager and I'm still drawn to it many years later. This route starts at the top of the Palm Springs Aerial Tram -- a treat in itself -- and although it's the "easiest" route it's by no means easy. … [Read More]

Backpacking to Cooper Canyon

Cooper Canyon Falls

Cooper Canyon Falls is a beautiful waterfall that flows almost year round, but roars in April-May as the spring snow melts. The falls can be spectacular when you time your hike right, and I'm surprise more people don't talk about this trail. This hike … [Read More]