Hiking Portuguese Bend Reserve

Hiking Portuguese Bend Reserve

The Rancho Palos Verdes peninsula is a prominent feature in Southern California geography. It protrudes into the Pacific Ocean as if it could almost touch Catalina Island. The hills of Palos Verdes really stand out against the flat terrain surrounding it, making it instantly recognizable from a hike on nearly any hill or mountain in SoCal. Portuguese Bend Reserve in Palos … [Read More]

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Featured Post

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Inman 300 - Worlds First Urban Thru-hike

Inman 300: The World’s First Urban Thru-Hike

If the shortest distance between two points is a line, the longest might be the Inman 300. What is the Inman 300? It has been called "the world's first urban thru-hike." There is no trail or signs to follow, but there is a more-or-less official route. The … [Read More]

Don Viejo Revisited

Don Viejo – Revisited

Remember Don Viejo? Last May the 85-year old was posting flyers in the local mountains advertising for a lady hiker friend, with interviews to be conducted atop Mt. Baden-Powell. Apparently there is still an opening, if your name is Deborah and you were … [Read More]

interview with pb of opus orange

Outside In: An Interview with PB from Opus Orange

I know many SoCal hikers have seen and loved the movie Mile… Mile & a Half (and if you haven't, you should). Opus Orange provided the soundtrack for the film, and actually appear in it as the group makes there way to Mt Whitney. Their music is largely … [Read More]

Cairn Review

Review: Cairn

Monthly boxes of curated goodies seem to be everywhere, these days. Cairn has created one perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. What is Cairn? They describe it as "your monthly box of outdoor discovery." It's a monthly subscription service. Each month, you … [Read More]


Looking Back: The Top Posts of 2014

Yesterday I shared the Most-Read Posts of 2014. Today, I'm sharing the top posts. Which might make you scratch your head and wonder... "What's the difference?" The most-read posts included posts from previous years. In fact, all of them were from previous … [Read More]

SoCalHiker Most Read Posts of 2014

Looking Back at 2014: Most Read Posts

What an awesome year 2014 was! There were lots of new adventures, new hiking friends made and new trails explored. And it was a year of tremendous growth for SoCalHiker. I've got some exciting things to share for 2015, but first I wanted to look back at the … [Read More]

Muir Taco Adventure - Bishop Pass to LeConte Canyon

Backpacking over Bishop Pass to LeConte Canyon

I admit it. I have a soft spot in my heart for the Sierras. I fell in love with the Sierras on my first backpack trip there back in 1978. The first time I thru-hiked the John Muir Trail in 1980, it was official. I was hooked. Earlier this spring I … [Read More]

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15 Ways to Kick-off 2015 on the Right Foot

Recently I was invited to join the awesome #TeamSierra outdoor bloggers for the Sierra Social Hub. I was thinking about what to share for my first post, and with the New Year fast approaching, I thought it would be a perfect time to share my ideas to make your … [Read More]


Gear Review: ECCO Ulterra Mid GTX Boot

SoCalHiker takes the new Men's ECCO Ulterra Mid GTX boots out on the ultimate trail test -- a tough four-day backpacking trek over Bishop Pass and into spectacular Kings Canyon National Park.  When I started backpacking in the late '70s, I saved my money to … [Read More]


DIY Hike-a-Week Project

Looking for the perfect last-minute gift for an avid (or budding) hiker on your list? This do-it-yourself project fits the bill and you can easily put it together in about an hour. It's inexpensive, and will inspire your friend to explore new trails -- 52 of … [Read More]