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Trail Canyon Falls Hike

Trail Canyon Falls and Lazy Lucas Camp

The Trail Canyon Trail isn’t a product of the Office of Redundancy Department (or the Ministry of Silly Walks, for that matter). Trail Canyon refers to the trail of gold flakes seen swirling down the creek at the bottom of the canyon. At the turn of the 20th century, miners worked the creek, but the trail didn’t lead to any riches. The real gold of Trail Canyon is the … [Read More]

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Featured Post

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt

Muir Monday: The Paths You Take

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt." - Anonymous In a survey conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) they found that … [Read More]

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Outdoor Mistakes: Navigation Overconfidence

It was our second day of a 22-day thru-hike on the epic John Muir Trail. I was the ring-leader -- I had organized the trip, recruited three willing hikers, obtained the permit and got us to Yosemite Valley a couple days earlier. I had been to Yosemite many … [Read More]

Hiking to Eaton Canyon Falls

Eaton Canyon Falls

Eaton Canyon Falls are often flowing in the spring, especially after Los Angeles has had a few good rainstorms. This hike takes you to a genuine waterfall right in Los Angeles and one of the easier ones to get to -- which is both good and bad. I'll get to that … [Read More]


Blue Jay to Los Piños Peak

Los Piños Peak sits at 4,455 feet above sea level in the Cleveland National Forest, just west of the Main Divide between Orange and Riverside Counties. There are other more strenuous routes to this summit, but this route is made easier because you start at … [Read More]

Enchanted Rock

Enchanted Rock in Texas Hill Country

Enchanted Rock is a pink granite dome that rises 425 feet above the surrounding area in central Texas -- but it's just the exposed part of the largest batholiths in North America. The Enchanted Rock batholith stretches 62 miles -- mostly underground. Humans … [Read More]

Yosemite HD II

Yosemite HD II Time-lapse Will Blow Your Mind

Two years ago I shared an amazing time-lapse video that showed Yosemite like you've never seen it before. Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty -- the guys behind Project Yosemite -- have done it again with their latest time-lapse masterpiece: Yosemite HD … [Read More]

Parker Mesa Overlook Panorama

Parker Mesa Overlook from Trippet Ranch

The Parker Mesa Overlook is perched high above Malibu in Topanga State Park, with expansive views of the coast as well as the LA basin. This out-and-back route clocks in just under seven miles, mostly along a well-graded fire road. The trail is popular with … [Read More]

3 Tips to Make Hiking a Micro-Adventure - SoCalHiker.net

3 Tips for Turning a Boring Hike into a Micro-Adventure

I love to hike. I remember hiking to Rainbow Falls just outside of Mammoth Lakes, CA when I was maybe 5 years old…floppy blue hat, pink striped shirt, my trusty pink “hiking pole” and my teddy bear tucked away in my backpack. I remember stopping in the shade … [Read More]

Freedom in a kilt

2013 in Photographs

2013 was a great year. In 2012 we relocated to Los Angeles after living many years in south Orange County. That meant lots of new trails to explore. Inspired by Derek at 100peaks, I've put together some of my favorite photos from 2013. My year began with a … [Read More]

Sunset from the Temescal Ridge Trail

Temescal Canyon Loop

Temescal Canyon in the Pacific Palisades provides a beautiful setting for a short hike. Wooded canyon? Check. Great exercise with a challenging climb? Check. Beautiful panoramic views of the Pacific coastline? This hike has all of the above. We checked this … [Read More]

Pacific Ocean View

Mt Wilson Trail to Manzanita Ridge

The Mount Wilson Trail was built in 1864 by Benjamin "Don Benito" Wilson. He had planned to use it to bring down timber for his ranch. Not much timber was cut, and the trail was repurposed to construct the first Mt. Wilson Observatory, established by Harvard … [Read More]