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Climbing on Solid Ground

Lost Coast Trail: Spanish Flat to Miller Flat

The Lost Coast Trail has several sections which are impassable at high tide, and it is essential that you bring a tide chart along to avoid becoming trapped in one of these spots. Today would be the only day of our adventure with no impassable sections. It was a pleasure knowing we didn't have to watch the clock or worry about getting to any particular point before the tide … [Read More]

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Backpacking the Lost Coast

The Lost Coast Trail: An Overview

We arrived at Mattole Beach early in the evening. The trailhead has a scattering of car campsites, which we were eager to leave behind. We donned our backpacks, hit the trail, and promptly lost ourselves in the vast beauty of the coast. It feels somehow … [Read More]

SoCalHiker visits the Outdoor Retailer Show

Outdoor Retailer Show Recap

  For four days in August, 45,000 people converge at the Salt Palace Convention Center in downtown Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer Show. This year, I joined the throngs winding through cavernous hall after hall filled with the latest … [Read More]

Liebster Award on Le Conte Canyon

The Liebster Award – Pass it On

The Liebster Award is a Blogstöcken -- roughly translated as blog stick -- that's passed from one blogger to another. The basic idea is that it exposes the reader of a blog to other blogs they might find interesting, expanding our online world a bit. In my … [Read More]

Creating a Legacy of Love for the Outdoors

Creating a Legacy of Love for the Outdoors

It was a warm, moon-less summer evening. I hiked in silence along the damp lakeside trail, my father behind me. There were a couple dozen of us -- young boys about 8-9 and our fathers, solemnly making our way from our campsite to the campfire. My foot slipped … [Read More]

National Trails Day 2014

National Trails Day: June 7, 2014

What do trails mean to you? I use trails for walking, hiking, running and biking. But above all, trails lead to adventure. Trails take me places that few others experience. They help reconnect me with the world and remind me of what really matters. Each … [Read More]

Big Parade Los Angeles 2014

Big Parade Los Angeles Returns This Weekend

The Big Parade is an awesome urban walking/hiking experience that takes place each year in Los Angeles. This two-day event covers over 35 miles, including 80 public stairways, numerous neighborhoods and landmarks. This is a free even with no registration … [Read More]

Hiking San Bernardino Peak via Angelus Oaks

Angelus Oaks to San Bernardino Peak

  One of the best-kept secrets of Southern California is San Bernardino Mountain. Just five miles away from the highest peak in SoCal -- San Gorgonio -- San Bernardino tops out at a respectable 10,649 feet. Hiking from Angelus Oaks, this 16-mile … [Read More]

Buff - the Perfect Backpacking Pillow

How to Use a Buff as a Backpacking Pillow

I love my Buff. It's the multi-purpose headwear that can be a neck gaitor, a face mask, a headband and a about a dozen other configurations. I've worn my Buff on the Trans-Catalina Trail and the John Muir Trail. But not until a recent backpacking trip did I … [Read More]