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Hiking to Angels Landing

Hiking Angels Landing

We ascended Walter's Wiggles, the 21-switchbacks carefully engineered and reinforced with sandstone blocks and were standing atop Scout Lookout, with awe-inspiring views down into Zion Canyon and over the Virgin River. Looming before us was finger of red sandstone which led to Angels Landing. I have been up Half Dome several times. I've sat atop Banner Peak and dangled my feet … [Read More]

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Backpacking to Cooper Canyon

Cooper Canyon Falls

Cooper Canyon Falls is a beautiful waterfall that flows almost year round, but roars in April-May as the spring snow melts. The falls can be spectacular when you time your hike right, and I'm surprise more people don't talk about this trail. This hike … [Read More]

August 28, 2014 I will be talking about ultralight backpacking on #trailtime

Talking Ultralight Backpacking on #trailtime

Join me this Thursday, August 28th at 3pm PDT when I'll be co-hosting the weekly #trailtime tweet chat. The topic? Ultralight backpacking. It's not just about drilling holes in your tools or snipping the labels of clothes to shave ounces, but a practical … [Read More]

Last Day on the Lost Coast Trail

Lost Coast Trail: Miller Flat to Black Sands Beach

Today was our fourth and final day on the Lost Coast Trail. The last day of any backpacking trip is always bittersweet. We looked forward to sleeping in a bed and eating a meal that wasn't rehydrated. Yet we want to linger and savor the sense of peace and … [Read More]

Climbing on Solid Ground

Lost Coast Trail: Spanish Flat to Miller Flat

The Lost Coast Trail has several sections which are impassable at high tide, and it is essential that you bring a tide chart along to avoid becoming trapped in one of these spots. Today would be the only day of our adventure with no impassable sections. It was … [Read More]

The Lost Coast

Lost Coast Trail: Sea Lion Gulch to Spanish Flat

I woke up to the early morning light. Outside our tent the air was thick with fog and heavy with moisture. Large drops of condensation clung to our rain fly, and everything that wasn't covered was damp. We fired up our stove, boiling water for our Starbucks … [Read More]

Punta Gorda Lighthouse

Lost Coast Trail: Mattole Beach to Sea Lion Gulch

We drove up Highway 101 from San Francisco, marveling at the beautiful scenery all the way. The golden coastal mountains, dotted with ancient oak trees slowly give way to towering redwoods that darken the skies. We turned off at Garberville and stopped for … [Read More]

Backpacking the Lost Coast

The Lost Coast Trail: An Overview

We arrived at Mattole Beach early in the evening. The trailhead has a scattering of car campsites, which we were eager to leave behind. We donned our backpacks, hit the trail, and promptly lost ourselves in the vast beauty of the coast. It feels somehow … [Read More]

SoCalHiker visits the Outdoor Retailer Show

Outdoor Retailer Show Recap

  For four days in August, 45,000 people converge at the Salt Palace Convention Center in downtown Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer Show. This year, I joined the throngs winding through cavernous hall after hall filled with the latest … [Read More]

Liebster Award on Le Conte Canyon

The Liebster Award – Pass it On

The Liebster Award is a Blogstöcken -- roughly translated as blog stick -- that's passed from one blogger to another. The basic idea is that it exposes the reader of a blog to other blogs they might find interesting, expanding our online world a bit. In my … [Read More]

Creating a Legacy of Love for the Outdoors

Creating a Legacy of Love for the Outdoors

It was a warm, moon-less summer evening. I hiked in silence along the damp lakeside trail, my father behind me. There were a couple dozen of us -- young boys about 8-9 and our fathers, solemnly making our way from our campsite to the campfire. My foot slipped … [Read More]