2016 Six-Pack of Peaks Patch


You were inspired. You hiked the peaks. Now you are the inspiration. 

The 2016 Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge patch is a badge of honor. Whether you frame it, pin it to your bulletin board, or sew (or iron) it on your backpack, it serves two purposes:

First, it reminds you of what you can accomplish. You climbed that damn mountain. And the other five, too!

But most of all, it inspires others to follow your lead, set big goals and go get outside.

In stock


This quality, embroidered patch can be sewn or ironed-on to most fabrics. It’s 3″ x 3.25″.

Registered challengers only, please. Because, karma.

Additional information

Weight .013 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 3 in


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