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Peak San Gorgonio
Group N/A
Trailhead Vivian Creek

The hike did not go according to plan. Me and my friend brought all the ten essentials. Unfortunately (dun dun dunnnnn) we began the hike at 7:50 in the morning and summited by 12:50. The high for the day was 52 degrees and when we began the hike it was 38 degrees. While at the summit a cloud layer began to rise and we began our descent at 1:45 PM. Unfortunately, we missed the Vivian Creek trailhead and began to head down South Fork. We took South for almost a mile and a half before we realized our mistake and had to hike back up. By this time it was 3:30 and we had another 8 miles to go. We reassessed our gear and supplies and headed down. By 7 PM we still had a mile to go and it became nightfall. To our benefit, we brought our flashlights, but the 18 mile hike became 21. It was a very interesting way to end the series to say the least…

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