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Peak San Bernardino
Group N/A
Trailhead Angelus Oaks

My favorite hike from the Six Pack of Peak Challenge! What an amazing hike. We didn’t get a permit in time, so we went to the Mills Creek Rangers Station and waited for a permit. Fortunately, we were granted a permit. We began the hike around 8am. The different sections of the hike were very appealing and allowed us to hike at a pace where we were able to admire the flora and fauna. I enjoyed hiking through the bushes and seeing all the bees (although I am allergic, but it was nice to know they are somewhere!). I was running out of water and when we got to the campground, I searched for the creek (spring?) but couldn’t find it anywhere. So we dediced to continue on with the hike although I was nervous. Thankfully, after just a bit, we came across the creek and I was able to fill my water bladder. Another couple on their way down stopped and talked to us for a while about the different hikes and specifically about San Gorgonio. They informed us a lot about the hike, which was very much appreciated. At the top, we could see everything. Overlooking Big Bear Lake was my favorite. The hike down was pleasant.

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