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Peak San Gorgonio
Group N/A
Trailhead South Fork

Sunday’s hike to San Gorgonio peak via South Fork and Dry Lake
completes my 2017 Six-Pack of Peaks!!!!!!!!!!!!
25.37 miles out and back. PS I would rather have had a bear eat me then hiking the final 3 miles.
4700 feet of gain
11503 feet Summit ( Highest in Southern CA)
Pre-hike weight: 210 lbs
Post-hike weight 199 lbs
Water consumption: 4 liters.
Total time on the Mountain was 10.5 hours.
I did not see a single day-hiker doing this trail to the summit other
than myself, and a wonderful couple I had the pleasure to meet at the
trailhead. A special thanks to Eric and Amanda who were kind enough
to let me tag along with them which made this hike so much more
I loved this hike until about mile 23 then I wanted it all to stop.
lol The last few miles were so brutal on my cute little feet and toes.

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