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Peak Mt Baldy
Group N/A
Trailhead Manker Flats

This hike was a bit confusing to follow the directions from socal hiker. A lot of signs are missing and mileage seems to be off. Talked to lots of people hike 6 pack on the trail and they seemed to be confused too but we all made it to the top in the end. Devils backbone itself wasn’t as “scary” as I thought it would be but there are some super sketchy parts just after the backbone. if you’re afraid of heights, be warned ! The scenery itself wasn’t as astonishing as Cucamonga but still enjoyable. The way back down baldy bowl is also confusing as people have made their own trails going in many different directions. all kind of head the same direction but if you find yourself heading towards the ravine, you’re going the wrong way! taking baldy bowl down is VERY STEEP and there is lots of loose dirt/rock so plan on sliding around a bit. the way down seemed a lot longer than we original thought which is why we feel the hike was longer than we initially expected. parking lot fills up by about 6/630am on Saturday so get there early!

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