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Peak San Bernardino
Group N/A
Trailhead Angelus Oaks

We saved San Bernardino Peak for last. It was just timing on our part and wanting to lock in San Gorgonio permits before this one. Of course, with the lifted restrictions on day hiking permits, this no longer mattered. That said, I’m glad we saved San Bernardino Peak for last. I thought it was the most enjoyable hike of the Six Pack of Peaks. I’m not quite sure what it was. Was it the fact it was the last one? (This is my first year taking the challenge.) Is it because we just entered the fall season and the air felt so cool, crisp, and fresh? Or is it because Jeff was right and San Bernardino Peak is one of SoCal’s best kept secrets? Probably all of the above!

We started our hike around 6am and reached the summit some time after 11am. Despite a swift pace, we did make a couple of stops to enjoy the views. My favorite is ever so slowly gaining in elevation and watch Big Bear Lake finally come into view. Also, the stroll through Manzanita Fields sets this hike apart from the 5 other peaks.

This hike was definitely my favorite of the 6 and I definitely want to spend a weekend out there.

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