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Peak Mt Wilson
Group Ladies from Girls Who Hike LA
Trailhead Chantry Flats

There are so many variables on every hike. Good, bad, or indifferent there is a story to tell. I love the way the dynamic changes with each group. On the down side, we were swarmed by yellow jackets (that I am just now healing from) and ate a whole lot of gnat type critters. I waited way to long to remember the mosquito net in my pack but when I did it helped greatly. The waterfalls along the trail were tranquil and refreshing. I am anxious to go back in the spring when I anticipate they will be full and in their glory again. The beautiful thing about this trail is that the flora and fauna are continually changing. Old campgrounds and outbuildings along with stone walls and overgrown berry bushes take you back in time. It’s a ride for the senses. Loved hiking with these folks. Oh.. don’t forget to take a swing. When you see it you’ll know what I mean. 🙂

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