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    Jeff Hester

    Got a question from Challenger Kevin, who asked:

    My friend and I are currently embarked on the 6 pack of peaks challenge. (Thank you for creating that by the way!) We had thought the idea of hiking San Bernardino via Angelus Oaks, camping up top and then hitting San Gorgonio and dropping down Vivian creek would be a good adventure. Our concern is that it does not fit into the parameters of the challenge. What do you say? Would we get credit for the challenge for hitting both those peaks in one swoop? Thank you for your time.

    Kevin, this is completely acceptable as far as the the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge goes. You can hike these peaks from any route you choose. Please be aware that currently the trail connecting San Bernardino and San Gorgonio remains closed due to the Lake Fire. I’ve heard that it’s tentatively scheduled to reopen July 17th, but check with the ranger station to confirm. You’ll need to apply for a permit with them anyway.

    If you feel really ambitious, you could bag nine peaks on that route! See The Nine-Peak Challenge for details.

    Kevin Payne

    Thank you for your time and happy hiking!

    Robb H

    That’s called finishing strong. I love this idea. Can’t wait for the hike log. I might wanna do these back to back to finish the challenge. I’ll keep my eyes out for the reopening of the Lake Fire burn area and then it’s on!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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