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    Jeff Hester

    I’m in the market for a new sleeping bag. I like something that has room for me to change position. In the course of the night I move from back to side to stomach and back. I’m looking for ~20f rating. And I’m looking for lightweight (probably down).


    Dani Owen

    I was going to ask this, too. What time of year did you hike the JMT? Our trek starts July 5 and I was thinking that a 20 degree bag would be suitable for that time of year. What are your thoughts?

    These are the bags I am looking at so far: I like the spoon shape instead of the classic mummy shape. However, these bags are 2 lbs and I think I am looking for something a little lighter.

    Also found this review to be helpful:

    My boyfriend is really into the idea of getting an ultralight sleeping quilt instead like this one:

    Still haven’t made my choice yet.

    I am interested in other input!

    Jeff Hester

    Both times on the JMT I started in late July, but even starting earlier in the month (and especially this year) I suspect a 20-degree bag would be perfectly fine. It will get down below freezing at night, but you can share some body heat.

    A tent or tarp will also help you conserve warmth.

    As for the bags you linked to, they all look like good choices. I cannot personally comment on any of them (I haven’t tried them) but I like Nemo as a brand and the gear review site gave a good breakdown of choices.

    Ultimately, you’ll pick one and then try it out and see how it works out. Sometimes you can borrow gear from friends or rent gear to check it out (try REI). Let me know what you end up getting!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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