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    Taeung M

    Hello all

    I’m planning to do JMT section hike this september,
    and wondering how many days I should plan for the Red Cones – Happy Isles hike.

    We’re average couple in mid-30’s in average shape, don’t regularly hike.
    From my research, it seems it takes normally 4 days without zero day (stay without walk),
    so I’m thinking maybe planning for 6 days would be safe bet plus some scenery enjoying.
    Any ideas?

    thanks in advance!

    Jeff Hester

    Hi Taeung, and welcome to SoCalHiker!

    I haven’t personally hiked that section NOBO, but I’ve hiked it SOBO several times. And by “Red Cones” I presume you mean you’re starting at Red’s Meadow/Devil’s Postpile near Mammoth Lakes? The Red Cones are south of the trailhead at Red’s Meadow, so I’m going to assume you’re starting at Red’s Meadow (where there is a shuttle stop).

    The section from Red’s Meadow/Devil’s Postpile to Happy Isles TH in Yosemite Valley is about 67 miles and includes 9,600 vertical feet of climbing. Personally (and I’m older) I would plan for six days. More time = more enjoyment. You can resupply at Tuolumne Meadows if you’d like to (I would).

    I’d also recommend loading up a pack with the gear you’d be carrying, or the approximate weight of your pack (you can use water jugs for weight) and do some 10-mile hikes. Even better, take a 2-3 day trip with multiple 10-mile days, just so you’ll know how it comfortable you are with the milage. You may find that you can pull longer days than I would, or you may decide that slower is better. 🙂

    Taeung M

    Thanks for welcoming me and thanks again for the detailed reply!
    I guess I’m going to spend 7 full days Hope it should be enough.

    and Correct, Redcone trailhead is near mammoth lakes and is connected to JMT around upper crater meadow.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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