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    Taeung M

    I’ve done some research on the leave no trace code in JMT, and realised very high level of nature protection. It made me wonder what’s going on on practical level. Anyone could help please?

    1) Do you really carry out the dirty toilet paper after use instead of burying with poop?

    2) Do you really have to carry then, all scented items including poop toilet paper in your bear can with your food?

    3) Do you really don’t use any type of soap for your body even away from 100feet from water source? (Is this prohibited? I’m not sure)

    Jeff Hester

    Hi Taeung, and welcome to SoCalHiker!

    1) Yes, I carry out dirty toilet paper. I use a sandwich sized zip-loc bag to hold the dirty TP, then put that bag inside another gallon-size zip-loc bag (just in case). The exception would be at pit toilets. Toilet paper can go in (but no other trash).

    2) Yes, but usually only at night. During the day, my “trash” bag is in an outside pocket of my pack.

    3) I don’t carry soap, but I do carry body wipes and hand sanitizer. You can wash the sweat and dust off in streams and lakes without soap, and then augment that with the body wipe and/or sanitizer as required before handling food.

    Note that within the Mount Whitney Zone, you not only have to pack out your toilet paper, but they give you special “wag bags” to poop in… and yes, you’ve got to carry that out. So far, I’ve avoided having to use them.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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