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Unboxing the Summer 2018 Cairn Obsidian Collection

Unboxing the Summer 2018 Cairn Obsidian Collection


Unboxing the Summer 2018 Cairn Obsidian Collection

The first day of summer is just a week away, and the good folks over at Cairn are on top of it. The summer Obsidian Collection arrived this week, with the theme “Just Add Water.” This collection of products looks great.

Here’s my unboxing and initial thoughts.

What’s in this box?

Here’s what was inside my 2018 Summer Cairn Obsidian Box and my initial impressions:

  • Mountainsmith Cooloir 12 – List price: $119.95
    I dig this. It’s well-built with nice details like the built-in bottle opener and gear loops so you can tie it down. I might take this on the Muir Taco trip in August, and I’ll definitely use this car camping on our two scouting trips in Washington.
  • Toad & Co Debug UPF Lightness Shirt – $95
    Built-in protection from bugs never looked so good. Probably not something I’ll hike in, but great for sitting around those summer bonfires.
  • PackTowl “Luxe” Beach Towel – List price: $44.95
    This is super absorbent, fast-drying, and fairly light and compact for a full-size beach towel. Great addition for our car camping trips to Washington this summer.
  • All Good Sport Sunscreen and Coconut Body Lotion – List price: $15.99 ea.
    All natural and eco-friendly lotions and sunscreen. I like that the sunscreen is water resistant for 80 minutes, although I’ve yet to test that.
  • Astral Filipe Water Sandals – List price: $75
    These are actually pretty cool. They are flip flops that convert to sandals with a heel strap so they make great water shoes. I’m definitely bringing these along as my camp and water-crossing shoes on my section hike on the John Muir Trail and the Trans-Catalina Trail this summer.

The total retail value of this quarter’s box: $366.88. Not bad for a $249 subscription.

Get your Cairn Obsidian Collection here.

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