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Your Top #SoCalHiker Instagram Photos – Thanksgiving Weekend Edition


A lot of you hit the trails over Thanksgiving weekend, and there were some great #SoCalHiker posts on Instagram. Here are the top pics from November 25 to December 2:

I Never Thought I Would…

Did you ever wonder if you could hike that far… or reach the summit… or do anything you had never done before? We all have. And it’s one of the great things about our outdoor adventures — they help us expand our boundaries of what’s possible.

Thanks to Melanie for sharing this photo from her Cucamonga Peak hike.

Friends on Mt. Baden-Powell

I’m not only a SoCal hiker. I’m also a social hiker. We share a bond with the people we meet on the trail. It’s a shared experience and we know that as crowded as the summit might seem, a very small percentage of people actually go there. This silhouette from the top of Mt. Baden-Powell captures that community perfectly.

We Did It!

I liked this one mainly because it shows that you can set goals and meet them. Like hiking the Six-Pack of Peaks. Congratulations!

We did* it!! A set of amazing hikes with inspiration from the #socalhiker Jeff Hester.

A photo posted by Patrik Bangle (@el_patito85) on

Getting Wild on the PCT

The movie WILD hit theaters this week. It’s always fun to meet and talk to PCT thru-hikers. They are a special kind of hiker. We’re lucky here in SoCal to have so much of the PCT to explore at our own pace and on our own terms. And dream…

Sunset in Anza-Borrego

Closing out this week’s #SoCalHiker Instagram picks is this beautiful sunset shot from Anza-Borrego. I’ve always been more of a mountain-hiker, but I found a new love for the desert after camping there a few years ago.

A great bunch of photos! Be sure to like and follow these awesome adventurers. Remember to tag your photos with #SoCalHiker, and be sure to follow @theSoCalHiker on Instagram.

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