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Day Four on the John Muir Trail

Just a quick update from the John Muir Trail. We reached our first of four resupply points last night — Tuolumne Meadows — giving us a chance to eat burgers and a cold beer. The trip so far has been fantastic, with great weather and a couple amazing side trips up both Half Dome and Cloud’s Rest.

We’ve run into a few other JMT thru-hikers, including Bob, Cheryl, and Kira, who surprised me by saying “are you the SoCal Hiker?”

Tuolumne is one of the few points where I can check in via my cell phone.

Today is a relatively easy 11 mile trek up Lyell Canyon. Tomorrow we say farewell to Yosemite as we journey closer to Mt Whitney.

I hope to check in next week from Vermillion Valley Ranch. Until then, happy trails!

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