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Casey Nocket’s Trail of Defacement: An Interactive Map

October 29 Update: 

The National Park Service has issued a press release naming 21-year old Casey Nocket of New York as the primary suspect in vandalism cases across eight national parks.  They state that “Investigators continue to collect evidence of the crimes, conduct interviews, and are consulting with the U.S. Attorney’s Office about potential charges. We ask the public to exercise patience and allow due process to take its course as the investigation moves forward.” 

“If people visiting these parks come upon these images, they should contact the nearest park ranger with information about the image location. Visitors should not attempt to remove the images.”

Casey Nocket is on an epic, cross country adventure, visiting some of the most beautiful and icon National Parks in the west. Sadly, she has left the parks defaced with her artwork scrawled on rocks with acrylic paints and signed with Creepytings — her Instagram name. Her serial crimes were first noted on a Reddit discussion, shared by Calipidder and then picked up by Modern Hiker. Soon the social network she sought to to gain the favor of was working against her, exposing her and her crimes.

This map shows where she’s been, and where her defacements have been found.

Casey Nocket’s Instagram and Tumblr accounts were shuttered, but not before a number of outdoor enthusiasts snagged screenshots of her crimes.

The National Park Service has issued a press release stating that they are actively investigating the vandalism.

If you have any information about these or related crimes, please contact [email protected]. Do not try to repair any vandalism. Instead, document with a photo and GPS coordinates, if possible and let the authorities know.

My hope is that this event will serve as a wake-up call for would-be vandals, and maybe even raise public support for better funding of our National Parks.

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