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Hiking to Paradise Point in Glacier National Park

Two Medicine Lake Panorama

Two Medicine Lake Panorama

The hike to Paradise Point on Two Medicine Lake is a short, family-friendly hike to a viewpoint with amazing views of the jagged peaks of Glacier National Park. Located on the east side of Glacier National Park, Two Medicine Lake was very near where I would be running the Glacier Half Marathon, and on the day before the race, my friend Jason and I hit this and a few other short hikes just to keep the legs loose.

Trail Details
Distance: 1.2 miles
Time: 30 min.
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation gain: 160 ft
Dogs: No
When to go: Year-round
This hike begins just past the Two Medicine Lake boat dock at the east end of the lake. There are ferry boats that take people to the far end of the lake, and a smattering of kayaks, paddle boards and canoes on the water. We were there to hike and take in the views on a beautiful June day with perfect clouds.

At the trailhead, we saw a sign warning us of bear activity in the area. We had bear spray, but stuck fairly close together (as recommended when hiking in Glacier National Park).

Bear warning on the Paradise Point Trail

It’s an easy trail to follow. Bear right at the fork (towards the lake) and soon you reach Paradise Point. There’s no camping, and there’s not even room for a lot of people, but the short peninsula does provide great views in all directions.

Clear water and towering peaks from Paradise Point

Wildflowers lined the trail, especially Bear Grass – a Seussian bloom that’s a common sight in Glacier National Park. The scientific name is Xerophyllum tenax, and it’s in the corn lily family. Why is it called bear grass? Maybe it provides a nice hiding place for bears? If you know the origin, let me know in the comments.

Xerophyllum tenax
Any guesses why this is called bear grass?

On our way back, we actually spotted said bear, digging for grubs. The adolescent black bear was about 20 yards off the trail and didn’t pay any attention to us. Sadly, he didn’t even stop foraging to pose nicely.

Black Bear along the Paradise Point Trail
That black splotch is actually the bear.

Paradise Point Trail Map

Download file: paradise-point-hike-62317-104843am.gpx

Paradise Point Trail Tips & Resources

Glacier National Park Weather Forecast

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Originally hiked on 6/23/17 with Jason Fitzpatrick.

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