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Peak Mt Baldy
Group N/A
Trailhead Baldy Bowl

We started in the morning, noticing that the parking lot filled up quickly. I had originally planned to do the Backbone up and the bowl down but I wanted to hike up with my dad so I ended up doing it the other way around and hiking the bowl up and Backbone down. That is the way to do it in my opinion. The bowl is steep but really pretty! I didn’t mind it to much, at least not as much as I thought I would. When we got to the ski hut we took a little break and I talked with some other hikers. After the hut is when it got steep. Every time I thought we were closer, there would be another steep vertical area to climb. When we reached the top it was flat with rock wind shelters. We sat down and had some snacks and refreshed. I decided that I wanted to go down the Backbone because it was on my hiking bucket list. My dad doesn’t like heights, cliffs, or small walk spaces. Well he ended up going with me so I wouldn’t be alone. Going through the Backbone was beautiful! The views were amazing and for the most part I liked the trail. My dad wasn’t happy on some of the very narrow areas and the ridge line, but I loved it. The only downfall to the Backbone is once you get down to the ski lift you either take the lift (which I won’t because I don’t like those heights) or you walk a long walk on a service road. That was probably my least favorite part lol In the end I actually enjoyed this hike more than I thought I would.

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