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Peak San Jacinto
Group Girls Who Hike LA
Trailhead Marion Mountain

Here’s the beta. Beautiful 50 – 60 degree conditions with views above the clouds to the west and across the desert to the east. The view was fabulous and so interesting to be above weather and watch how it moves. I hope that if we all keep posting pictures of the amazing beauty in SoCal people will stop whining and start appreciating the incredible place they get to live (Soap box rant over.). There’s still water around Little Round Valley. Fall colors are beginning to seep into the landscape as the summer blooms are fading away. We took our time and did a little rock scrambling along the way, forgetting that we had a bunch of scrambling to do as we approached the top. It’s so easy to be so busy watching your step that you miss some world class rock formations and landscapes along the way. The trail is definitely steep! No one is exaggerating. We felt accomplished to summit and made sure we spent a lot of time just enjoying the view. However, the hike down felt like the hike that would never end. In fact, we started getting a little sketchy and writing songs about it. I’m sure there are hikes in my future that will make this one seem like a walk in the park, but on the day, this was a major accomplishment. Come on San G!

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