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Peak San Gorgonio
Group N/A
Trailhead Vivian Creek Trailhead

Weather when I hiked San Gorgonio the past two times has always been cold. Plus, last year, it was so windy at the summit I did not really get to have a good photo taken. This year, it was foggy and so my summit photo just had this white background. Nonetheless, a summit is a summit and I just hope the next time I go, there would be better views and background for my picture.

Last year, my knees hurt the last two miles of the hike which prompted me to buy some knee braces. This year, I wore them as I hiked down and they definitely did their job. Yes, my feet were still tired but my knees were relatively fine.

I hiked with the three other people I would be hiking Mt. Whitney with on September 23rd. I did the 6-Pack of Peaks last year in preparation for hiking Half Dome and this year for Mt. Whitney. I find that if I could at least do this challenge, I should be able to manage a big hike physically and mentally.

Who knows what next year’s big hike is?!? 😁

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