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Peak San Bernardino
Group N/A
Trailhead San Bernardino Peak Trail (Angelus Oaks)

I knew that I was behind my friends in hiking the Six Pack this year, so I didn’t expect a lot of folks to join me. But I wasn’t counting on the two people who were on board to bail at the last minute.
No matter! We’ve done this before, right?
Last year’s summit was an awesome overnight at Limber Pine Bench with the Hiking Crew. I was thinking about those memories as I reach the wilderness sign, about a mile and half into the hike. This time I used an app for my Garmin 630 that was tracking the distance, pace and elevation of the hike. It was a good mental boost to check my pace. I wanted to average 2 miles per hour.

I made good time to the summit, a little slower than my goal, but made up time on the way down. I didn’t linger at the summit, which I reached around 10:45am.

I saw backpackers with dogs, couples and families, people of all ages, during the day.

Made it to my car before 4pm, and drove straight to In-N-Out. Only a cheeseburger and shake would do as reward for pushing myself today.

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