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Peak San Bernardino
Group N/A
Trailhead San Bernardino Peak Trail

Upon arrival at 7:15 am Sunday morning, I discovered the parking lot full! So many cars this early! I thought it would be way less crowded because of the permits we had to obtain prior to the hike. Parking at the lower lot added about a mile to the overall hike – which is long enough I might add! This is a lovely hike from start to peak. But it is a high altitude hike from start to peak. And once again I saw too many people not prepared and really struggling on the trail. When I reached the top – I was very surprised to come across a big (25+ people) ranger led group – although it did explain all the cars in the lot! Luckily for me, they were just finishing their time on the summit and headed down only a few minutes after I arrived. On the way down it felt like the trail just got longer… I was sure they moved the parking lot further away while I was at the top! I really did enjoy this hike – I think I will do it again – but next time I’ll spend the night on the mountain and enjoy it as a weekend backpacking trip.

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