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Peak San Jacinto
Group With my youngest daughter
Trailhead Tram

Hiked up to San Jacinto taking the route from the tramway. I was joined by my youngest daughter, the Jellobear, for a lovely day with her. It was a straightforward hike with lovely weather. We were both properly tired at the end of it and the last little climb to the tramway terminal was slow for both of us. Got there early and had breakfast at a nearby Denny’s before catching the first tram up at 0800h. Got going at about 0825h after filling in the requisite permit. Had an easy go up to round valley and then up to Wellman divide. Slowed down a bit on the traverse over to San Jacinto and had fun on the final boulder scramble to the top at which point the Jellobear was unstoppable. So how was I able to convince the Jellobear to join me. Well the title of this adventure offers a clue. This summer she has been obsessed with music from the Broadway play Hamilton. So obsessed that she wants to go see it while it is here in SoCal. So I made a deal with her that if she joins me for a hike and we make our objective I will take her. A couple weeks ago she wanted to join me on Mt. Baldy but she decided not to. As she noticed my hikes are getting more ambitious she decided she had better do it soon or it will be very hard. So, she joined me on this one. She made the whole trip without complaining and was a great hiking companion. I asked her at the end if she gets some satisfaction from hiking other than the bribes and she said there was a little as she recounted all the peaks she has done.

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