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Peak San Gorgonio
Group Jason and Ric
Trailhead John's Meadow

This hike was the second day of an overnight backpack trip. The day before, we summited San Bernardino Peak. We camped overnight at Red Rock Flat campground on the San Bernardino Divide Trail. We woke up by 6am and had only about four miles to hike to reach the summit of San Gorgonio.

It was amazingly calm at the summit. Usually it’s super windy and cold, but this Sunday, it was beautiful and calm.

We returned via the Mineshaft Flats Trail, then down the South Fork Trail. The South Fork is beautiful, with LOTS of water even late in the season. This trail also travels directly through some of the burned areas from the 2015 Lake Fire. It’s great that the trail has reopened, but it’s rather sad to see so many burned trees.

This completes my third consecutive year hiking the SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge, and with Colorado and Oregon, my third Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge completed for 2017. See you all at the party on October 8th!

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