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Peak San Gorgonio
Group N/A
Trailhead Vivian Creek

Last one of the 2017 challenge.We decided that since this was the last of the challenge we would do it as an overnight hike. Our first day destination was Hike creek camp and depending on the time we might attempt to do a late afternoon summit. We arrived at High creek later than we wanted to so the same day summit was out. Set up camp, filtered fresh water and prepared our dinner. Around 2 am we were awoken with our tent being hammered by really strong winds blowing down the canyon, I think some gust were 50 mph +. We got very little sleep that night and thought that our hike and challenge was over. Packed everything up in a big packs that morning and at the last minute we decided too head up the switch backs just to see the view from the top. We continued up the trail with a self imposed 12 pm turn around, made the summit at 11:30 am , spent 30 minutes at the top, what a beautiful view complete with really crazy winds and then headed down. We reached High Creek camp packed up and headed out, only to have to stop and put rain covers on the packs when it started raining. We arrived back at the trail head with just about 30 minutes of daylight left. This was an incredible hike, really steep in sections but mostly just beautiful. We celebrated the only way we knew……. In and Out burger.

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