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Peak San Bernardino
Group N/A
Trailhead Angelus Oaks

I got my permit at the ranger station the weekend before after helping the SGWA with a cleanup effort. I had the friday off from work and headed up to the trailhead which was a little tricky to find but found it thanks to the guide on socalhiker! I questioned whether I was going the right way while driving up the dirt road until finally getting to the parking lot. I got to the trailhead and started the hike around 6:45am. Hiking in the morning was great and the trail was shaded by the mountains for most of the hike, with the temperature being slightly chilly at times even though it temperatures down the mountain hit triple digits that day. Made it to the top around 10am and enjoyed the scenery for a bit, though the view from the stone bench just below the summit had a better unobstructed view toward the basin. There were a lot of honey bees around the second half of the hike, especially at the summit where quite a few all over my pack and were constantly landing on another hiker as well. The hike back down was a bit less shaded but was still cloudy surrounding the summit and I was able to make it back down to the trailhead before 3pm. Overall this has been my favorite hike so far (have yet to hike San Jacinto and San Gorgonio)!

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