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Peak Mt Baldy
Group 2017 (Not Just) Machu Picchu & Mt Whitney hikers in training - Ted
Trailhead Bear Cyn

Oh seriously why am I so overconfident?!? It’s probably because I am still new to this and uneducated on the various trails available for Mount Baldy. This hike was brutal, it was super hot on this day and the trail was so damn steep! My group was super fast I was so behind that I actually wanted to cry. I have major respect for people who like hiking Baldy from the Village. I did it once and don’t really know if I’ll ever try that way again. Lesson learned and I’ll do a better job at reading up on trail options. One major benefit of this hike was I had to learn to really not rely on encouragement from others. Hardly anybody was on this trail and I was alone for the majority of it. I had to talk to myself a lot and remember to say nice things. I didn’t want to let the feeling of defeat win so whenever I felt like quitting I had to give myself a prep talk and make up some motto up to help keep my spirits up.

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