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Peak San Jacinto
Group N/A
Trailhead Marion Trailhead

Man, I sure did underestimate this one! The shorter distance made me think I would finish this much faster than last week’s San Bernadino, but it actually was my longest hike yet at 7.5 hours! That’s some intense elevation gain. Seems like everyone I came upon was feeling it!

Going up was tough, but nothing to do but trudge ahead. The way down though–oooweee! I never thought it would end! Those last 2 miles were BRUTAL.

The hike itself was really pretty though. Love a good 360 degree summit view. DON’T love people playing music at the peak. Like…who does that? We want a moment of peace!

I also made the mistake of dressing totally wrong for this hike. I was wearing shorts and a flannel. It was fine once I got outside of the shadows and later into the day, but I was pretty dang cold for the first half of the hike. Not to mention my legs were getting all cut up on the shrubbery throughout the middle section.

Felt great afterwards, of course. And feeling good only have one more to go for the challenge!

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