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Peak San Gorgonio
Group Nassco Hiking club
Trailhead Vivian Creek

We backpacked up to Halfway Camp, (which was not halfway by the way) it was about 3.5 miles. I carried 33 lbs. to the camp and we set up for the night resuming the next day to the summit. The next day we approached the summit leaving the weight behind and pushing forward. When we arrived at High Creek camp we resupplied our water source for the day. We proceeded to summit and I have to say that about 2 miles prior to the summit I was ready to call it quits, but my team had my back. My boyfriend and his friend said,”You have to complete this, it’s the last one, we can’t go on without you, we finish together or not at all”. Then a lady passing by about 65 years of age said,” You can do this” (my inspiration). So I pushed ahead, the weather was cold and started to rain but my mind said you are stronger then you think don’t let this mountain defeat you so I proceeded to summit. And there you have it! DONE 6 PEAKS I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD DO FEELING STRONGER AND ACCOMPLISHED. GLAD I NEVER GAVE UP. And every time after the hikes I said I am done, no more, and a day later I am planning another hike. It’s the cycle of mountaineering as shown on the Facebook website of Six Peak Challenge. LOL

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