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Peak San Bernardino
Group N/A
Trailhead Angelus Oaks

I was pretty nervous for this hike. It had been a few weeks since Baldy and I didn’t know if that was going to hurt me. Plus, these hikes are getting harder and harder! Although it was pretty tough, I managed to leave Weho around 4:30am, setting me up for an early start.

I drove my poor Ford Focus down the terribly bumpy dirt road (ROUGH) and was all set to hit the trail. Put my pack on…then thought…”maybe I should go pee one last time.” Threw my pack and phone into the car, wandered off into the woods and did my business. Now I’m ready! Back to the car, pulled on the door handle and BAM! LOCKED! Yep, I had locked the car before throwing my pack in because I thought I was headed on the trail. I couldn’t believe it. I was about to freak out but I calmed down. I asked the nicest couple in the world if I could use their phone to call a locksmith. I must have seemed like a crazy person. I really had no idea who to call or where I was. This is a lesson–I had just thought about getting AAA the day before but didn’t.

Since the trailhead is hard to get to, I waited for the locksmith at the fire station which served as a great landmark. It was Sunday and no one was at the station, but I saw there was a restaurant across the road, so if the kind couple hadn’t been there, I think I would have been alright. I was grateful I had thrown my flannel on rather than lock that in the car as well because it was pretty chilly up there!

It took the locksmith about an hour to arrive and 2 seconds to unlock my car. I had debated about heading back to LA, but somehow–even though I had been so nervous about this hike–I felt more determined than ever to do it. So, I hit the trail before 8am!

The hike was divided up into 3 sections. The first was a series of switchbacks. I actually really like switchbacks. The constant incline is the most manageable way for me to hike. The second section leveled out into this beautiful green landscape. And the third was a section of steeper switchbacks. The views on the way up were incredible. Better than the summit I would say, since the peak is obstructed by trees.

And the way down, usually my least favorite, wasn’t that bad due to the switchbacks! Helped make it a much more steady descent. Took me pretty much exactly 7 hours to complete the hike. It was definitely the most expensive hike I’ve done (locksmiths ain’t cheap!) but it has been my favorite so far.

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