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Peak San Jacinto
Group N/A
Trailhead Marion Mountain

We started this hike at 4:30am. It was an early morning. Once the sun came out, it got warmer and lighter and exposed the beauty of San Jacinto. After a hard hike to summit the peak, we got to the top. We were the first ones at the peak that morning. It might have been the best feeling in the entire world. To have the peak, the mountain, the world as our own….. or at least it felt that way. The 360 view was incredible. After about 30 minutes, individuals and groups started to arrive. We headed back down the mountain – and shortly went into the cabin at the top – and met some great people on the way. The last two miles of the hike we realized that we couldn’t remember hiking it in the morning since it had been so long and it was so dark at the time. It was a great new adventure.

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