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Peak Cucamonga Peak
Group I soloed this one, but one is NEVER alone in Ice House Canyon.
Trailhead Ice House Canyon

Things are supposed to heat up tomorrow, so I decided to get this one done today. I arrived around 7:30am but of course the lot was full. Note to self: park DOWNHILL from the turn to Icehouse Canyon, and not on a blind curve. The trail was busy as usual up to the saddle. Permits are now self issue, and there was a plentiful supply in the box near the traillhead. The morning was cool and breezy, and that breeze stayed around even when the day warmed up. Even going my usual deliberate pace, I made the summit at noon. The trail is in good shape except for a downed tree or two, and the rocky parts can slow you down. The sign for the turnoff to the summit is long gone, but the post is still there, with a helpful white arrow someone drew on it in paint marker. I made sure to find the actual summit, which is in the middle of a bunch of manzanita, but then I joined the party over at the rock piles to eat my lunch. I hung out for an hour, and left after the main the pulse of people. The place gets remarkably uncrowded later in the day. Columbine spring was flowing, so I stopped for a cool refreshing drink. The lower part of the trail is well shaded, which is a welcome relief in the afternoon. I didn’t take pictures except for the summit selfies, but it was a pristine day with just a small amount of haze. Two more to go!

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