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Peak San Bernardino
Group Remedy Hike
Trailhead Angelus Oaks

We knew it was going to be a long day so we started a little before 6:30AM and it was a brisk 47 degrees which once we got moving I never felt cold. The trail was well marked and even though we started early we still had a few hikers going up and even coming down trail which we figured must have camped out the night before. The first half of the hike was great and then I think it must have been the busy week that caught up with me and I was struggling to keep the pace we had set in the beginning. We seemed to stop and take a few more breaks than we did on the first four hikes but then again enjoying nature was one of the reasons that I signed up for this crazy challenge to begin with. The oddest thing on the hikes so far was the old wheel barrel we saw on this hike so I only thought it right that I pretend to be down hill skiing while in it. The peak was amazing and being able to see Big Bear Lake from the Mountain Top really made me realize how high we really were. Even though I was tired on the second half of the climb this is a great hike and I enjoyed it as much as the others, except for Mount Willson not sure about that one.

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