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Peak Mt Wilson
Group N/A
Trailhead Chantry Flats

My friend and I regularly go on small hikes and runs after work. I had showed her some photos and drone footage from my hike up to San Bernardino Peak and she enthusiastically asked to go on one of the peaks. Knowing I was doing the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge, she asked to go on the smallest of the peaks as an introduction to the challenge. We left towards the trailhead from Ontario at about 6am. The morning was nice, cool and foggy, perfect for hiking! She had been to Sturtevant Falls with our company hiking team before and the beginning of the trail was familiar. We continued on and marveled at how well shaded the trail was and how rocky and beautiful the section above the waterfall was. I had the map downloaded on my phone and was guiding us through GPS when we bumped into a team of 4 that was lost and had been going in circles. We helped guide them the rest of the way to the summit. On our way up we had to put on our bug nets. We had come prepared since i had previously done the hike and was aware of the bug problem on the trail. Another man up the trail walked by us with his own net and jokingly commented “Welcome to Bug Heaven!” A group had to come down as the swarms of bugs made their experience unpleasant and they cut their hike short. At the top we took a nice break by checking out the museum and stopping by the Cosmic Cafe for some hotdogs before rejoining the group we had helped and hiking down together. Everybody loved how green and shaded the trail was and my friend had absolutely enjoyed the hike and bagging her first peak and is excited to take on the entire Six-Pack Challenge together next year!

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