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Peak Cucamonga Peak
Group Hike Beyond the Hills
Trailhead Ice House Canyon

We went to Ontario Peak, the new alternative to Cucamonga and Big Horn Peak, its unloved cousin. I am not sure that I approve of the alternates to the Six Pack, Ontario for Cucamonga and Baden-Powell for Wilson, but I figured what the heck, I’m going to hike them all anyway, including the alternates. And most of them a couple of times. So what does it matter where I go as look as I drag my lazy butt up a trail and stand on top of a mountain.

I wasn’t planning to post this one, but I see all sorts of people starting their Six Pack and a couple of beast hikers finishing them in the first week of January, so I succumbed to the pressure and decided to post this one.

I went with a great group, Hike Beyond the Hills, and while I hike less in groups now I like this one. But then again, I’m not very discriminating I like most hikers I meet.

I’ve only done Ontario and Big Horn a couple of times and it was good to go back. The hike is nice, not hard at all, but still I’m a fat old guy so I was huffing and puffing anyway. Ontario has a couple of frustrating false summits which I remembered so I wasn’t too frustrated. It’s a nice trail with some good views of Baldy and the surrounding mountains.

It was a little cool and breezy. We had a little rain. Unfortunately no snow, but hopefully it’s snowing up there as I type this.

Ontario is a nice hike. Not as well visited as Cucamonga, but a worthy destination nonetheless. Legitimate Six Pack Peak or not get out and hike it.

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