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Peak San Gorgonio
Group Remedy Hike
Trailhead Vivian Creek

We started before 6:00AM since we knew it was going to be a long day and boy once you cross the dry river bed you are in for it. The morning was cold but it warmed up quickly with the climbing we had to do and the gloves and beanie came off within minutes of the hike. The trail itself was well marked and well taken care of even in the dark with our headlamps it was easy to follow. You do get some spots along the trail that are relatively flat and let you catch your breath but the first five hikes can not 100% prepare you for what San G has to offer. There are some extraordinary views as well as wildlife to see on this hike (i.e. chipmunks, blue birds, falcons and even deer) which make the breaks along the way more enjoyable. On the inclines all I could hear was myself breathing while on some of our breaks there was no noise at all, not even wind which seemed odd to be in complete silence. The first five hikes did help prepare me and surprisingly I was not sore at all on this hike or the last two. Once at the top there is a family of chipmunks that live there and they were begging for food and literally diving into our backpacks to see what we had. The afternoon was a hot one and I’m glad I dressed in layers since the descent warmed up quickly and I was able to peel off layers to stay cool.

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