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    I was curious who the youngest challengers and finishers are? My son Aiden is on track to complete the challenge this year at only 9 and I think that puts him among the youngest? I see a post on facebook that a 12 year old did it last year, and a 13 year has finished this year. So impressive! It’s great to see young kids out on the trail, but it is a rare site.



    Colt K

    Hi there,
    You’re right there’s not to many young hikers that I’ve seen doing the challenge but it would be nice to see more out there on the trail. My son is 5 years old and he started the 6 pack peak challenge when he was 4 earlier this year. He still has 2 more peaks to go before he is a finisher (San B and San G). Hope to see you guys on the trail some time.

    Daniel Marucci

    Matthew is 10 (he’ll be 11 in December). We finished San Gorgonio as a day hike on Friday. That leaves only San Jacinto left. We’ve done them all as day hikes, which may have been a little over-ambitious, but we’re close to being done. I may or may not bring him on Mt. Whitney. I have a permit for Sept 22. I think he can easily do it if I keep him warm and well fed.


    5! Wow! That is impressive! Well done!

    Sounds like you and your son have made great progress since we last talked! Good job! Whitney would be an awesome feather in your hats! Do have overnight or day hike permits? I have done that Mountaineers Route many times, and the East Buttress twice, but never the main trail.

    Aiden and I will be on San B the 9th-10th and San G 16th-17th. If you happen to be on the same trail those days we’ll have to keep an eye out for each other!


    It would be cool to get all the youth challengers together to meet each other and maybe get a pic!

    Daniel Marucci

    We finished San Jacinto last Sunday. I just haven’t had time to log. Planning to go to the party. Love to get a picture with all 3 youngsters in it. How is everyone else doing? Is Colt Done yet? Aiden? Will you guys finish by the end of next week?


    We’ll be at the party too! Looking forward to it. Aiden I are knocking out San G this weekend then we’ll be done! I think I saw that Colt and finished them all, super impressive!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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