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    Charles C

    I’m local to San Gabriel mountains and I have recently been hitting some of the USFS Trail Camps for week night overnighters. Some of the Trail Camps cross the PCT.
    The problem I had when researching the trail camps was where or if there was any running water either piped, streams, or spring due to the drought.
    So I thought I’d post a few of my recent outings with Water updates so that trips can be planned accordingly.

    July 2016, last week of month.
    Hoegee’s Trail Camp.
    Beautiful camp site as long as it’s during the week and minimal day hikers.
    Was worried about water while hiking up. Tiny pools and a trickle would appear and disappear in the creek bed coming up to camp. At camp there was a small trickle of water flow right below the first damn of camp. The flow was like if you were pouring out a quart of water from a water bottle. Very little but enough to flow over rocks to gather and filter.

    Aug. 2016 first week.
    Little Jimmy Trail Camp
    Little Jimmy Spring
    had a good flow. Enough to keep the have barrel basin full and no problems gathering water for drinking and cooking. I still used my filter even though I head some say it’s not neccassary because it’s coming from the source.
    Water was cold and refreshing!
    Lots of gnats/black flies around camp and spring but they went away close to sun down.

    August 2016, middle of the month.
    Spruce Grove Trail Camp
    Was worried going up, first time ever that I’ve seen the creek and Sturtevant falls with absolutely no water flowing over!
    Working way up past the falls there are some small Stagnant pools, water disappears and may show up again.
    At Spruce Grove Trail Camp water comes up about center of camp with a trickle of flow Overs rocks, like it’s being poured out of a quart water bottle. But enough to gather for food and filtering.

    September 2016, first week of month.
    Henniger Flats Campground
    Idlehour Trail Camp

    Henniger Flats has no piped in water. They shut down the water supply due to drought.
    Idlehour Trail Camp has s good flow. Like pouring a bucket full of water over rocks. There was more then enough water to gather for Filtering and cleaning. Not enough water to lay in a pool, probably only an inch deep at some spots. But a decent flow to be able to hear it from the camp stove area.
    About 30 yards up stream from camp, the water in the creek bed disappears and is under ground for the rest of the way up the canyon Train up to the switch backs going up to Mt. Lowe.

    Hope this helps.
    I’ll keep posting updates for local trail camps soon.

    Jeff Hester

    Thanks for this, Charles! Awesome reports.

    Nancy R

    Appreciate the heads up.

    Marissa A

    Very helpful. Thank you Charles!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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