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Home Forums Trail Reports Vivian Creek to San Gorgonio: What is the REAL RT distance?

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    Jeff Hester

    There seems to be some discrepancy over how far it is from the Vivian Creek trailhead, up to the top of San Gorgonio and back again.

    Here are what various sites say the mileage is:

    1. 17.3 miles – GPS data from my Garmin eTrex on this hike
    2. 18.6 miles – The San Gorgonio Wilderness Association’s official mileage.
    3. 16

    There may be others, but you can see, there’s a pretty wide range of discrepancy — nearly 3 miles!

    So what IS the actual distance? How do we settle this?


    Hmmmmm? I will do that trail soon and let you know what i get on my gps.

    Jeff Hester

    Thanks, Hugo. I’m curious what you come back with. What kind of GPS do you have?

    David Hekel

    I am a new to this site but not to hiking around SoCal. I just hiked San Gorgonio via Vivian Creek trail on Thursday. I was using a Garmin Forerunner to track my hike. The total mileage was 18.30mi.

    Nancy R

    My Fitbit tracked 20 miles which reflects all steps.

    Kevin H

    Pretty sure that is one of the few SoCal hikes I have done and that was about year ago but my log has it at 17.5+. Which means it was a little over but not worth me putting down 18. That is off a Garmin Rhino.

    R W

    I hiked to within what Jeff said was a mile to the peak and my Garmin read 9.2 mi when we turned back due to time. So that would put hike at 20.4 mi from the Vivian parking lot. A friend did it a few weeks ago, and her Garmin also put it at over 20.0.

    jane s

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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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