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    Jeff Hester

    The rules here are simple.

    1. No commercial posts. This is for hikers who need to buy or sell their own equipment.
    2. Say what you mean.If you are selling something, put “For Sale:” at the beginning of the subject. If you’re looking for something, say “Wanted:”. Add some details to help people determine if they have or want it.
    3. Use your noggin!. This classified forum is for the convenience of SoCal Hiker readers. We cannot vouch the buyers or sellers, or the equipment they are selling or buying. Exercise caution and common sense in transactions.
    4. We are not your Mother. We cannot fix everything that goes wrong. Conduct yourself as the responsible, outdoors-loving adult that you are.

    With that, have fun. This might be a great way to locate that hard-to-find thingamajig you’ve been looking for. Or to unload that extra sleeping bag.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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