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    k k

    Any advice for a female hiker planning on hiking the six on her own? I’m new to the SoCal area, so I’m hiking solo more out of a lack of hiking buddies than desire. Obviously I want to be as safe and smart as I can about this. I’m definitely concerned about the chance of an encounter with a four-legged or two-legged predator, but I don’t want that to keep me from doing something I love.

    Are the trails generally safe? Am I better off trying to set up group hikes with other people?

    Jennifer G

    Hi. I found a group that does the six peaks together that I’ve joined. It’s led by an experienced hiker. Look it up on Facebook. Mel’s Hiking Group

    Philip Y

    Hi Micaela,

    I generally hike solo myself; however, I do on occasion hike with the Menifee Fit Club (they are doing the Six Pack as a group). Depending on your location, they might be an option for you. They just did Mt Wilson last week and are climbing Mt Baldy on April 3rd as a part of the Climb For Heroes fundraiser. Menifee Fit Club is on Facebook as well.

    Roxane B

    I just hiked Mt. Wilson yesterday solo. I picked the weekend over weekdays so at least I knew there were other people on the trail. It was long but great. Nice people on the trail. I have a SPOT GPS tracker with me all the time just incase I need to signal for help. Of all six peaks the only two I would make sure I was with a group on are San Jacinto and Gorgonio but that is just my own comfort level. 🙂 Good luck!

    Sarah T

    HI ladies,
    I’m down to hike!! I made my pops come w/ me on Mt.Wilson but he loves hiking/backpacking & knows orienteering pretty well. He may or may not join me for the rest of the peaks.. I’m trying to do 1/mo. but the weather conditions are a bit iffy right now so I’m feeling it out. Lmk if ya’ll want to hike anytime. (I’m in Orange County). Happy Trails!

    Sarah T

    *and gents! (sorry)..^^

    Nicholas B

    Im not a female, but coming from the San Diego area, I will be doing all these alone(as of now). I feel your fears with predators but I carry protection ie knifes, multi tools ect as soon as i get the moment to take the drive to Wilson, I am taking it.

    Diane H

    Hey there!

    I’m in the same boat as you, so I’ll be hiking the six pack solo this summer. Happy to hike with a buddy or two if anyone ever wants to meet up.

    There are still some day use permits for Whitney this August, and I’ve had my eye on doing that for a while. That’s one I would rather not hike alone so if anybody is interested let me know and we can grab some coveted permits before they’re gone.

    Sean K

    I hike my shorter hikes with family or friends but the longer ones I usually end up going solo, it’s surprisingly hard to find someone to do the 6 pack with. I have done wilson already, and I’m doing the rest, solo or not!

    Debbie L

    Also hiking solo. Doing as much prep as I can and have a Delorme with me in case of emergencies. I’m aiming to do Cucamonga on the 17th June. I’ve usually got a bright yellow shirt and a Nasa cap. Always happy to have a companion along if you don’t want to go it alone. 😀

    Tracey W

    I have been doing many of my hikes in the 52 hike challenge alone and just hiked Cucamonga Peak alone as well. None of my longtime close friends have any interest in longer/higher hikes. I have met some great folks in other group hikes and have reached out, but I often prefer to hike on weekdays due to crowds so most people aren’t able to join me and I hike alone. I would also be interested in hiking with small groups for the six pack if that works. =D

    shan w

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Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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