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    Jeff Hester

    What is the Six-Pack of Peaks?
    The SoCalHiker Six-Pack of Peaks are a series of six strenuous hikes up some of the tallest mountains in Southern California:

    • Mt Wilson
    • Cucamonga Peak
    • Mt Baldy
    • San Bernardino Peak
    • Mt San Jacinto
    • San Gorgonio — the tallest peak in Southern California

    The Six-Pack of Peaks makes a tremendous goal on their own, but they are also great if you are training to hike Mt Whitney, hike Cactus-to-Clouds, or prepare for a long backpacking trip like the John Muir Trail.

    What is the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge?
    It’s an annual challenge for hikers to summit all six peaks in one hiking season. Great for bragging rights, fame and notoriety among SoCal hikers.

    How do I register for the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge?
    You can register for the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge here where you’ll see all the details.

    Registration is $20 and 50% of the proceeds goes to a great cause — Big City Mountaineers.

    Registered Six-Packers can log their hikes on the Wall of Fame, and when you’ve completed all six peaks, you get special recognition as a Finisher. They also get entered for a chance a our gear giveaway in November.

    When does the Six-Pack of Peak Challenge run?
    Each “season” starts January 1st and runs through the end of October. Most people hike these peaks between May and September.

    Do I need to register to hike these peaks?
    Not at all! But if you want the sticker, the private forum, the discounts, the recognition on the Wall of Fame and (hopefully) on the Finisher’s list — AND a chance at winning some great gear… AND supporting a great cause, well… why wouldn’t you?


    Due to the fires this year and other work issues, Snow pack and bad conditions when I was available.I was unable to complete prior to the end of Oct. Can I still log and get credit for 2017 if I plug away at my remaining peaks?

    michelle p

    How do i log my hikes from the 6 peaks? When i click on Wall of Fame link nothing shows up where i can log in my own hike.

    i also clicked on another link… “Log your six pack…” something like that but the link didn’t take me anywhere.

    *I am registered for the challenge.

    thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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