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    We are going to hike the TCT in May. Reservations are set! How hard is Silver Peak going in the opposite direction (towards Avalon)? We plan to Spend the night in Two Harbors at the Banning hotel our very first night on the island. The next morning (day 1 of our hike) we will hike around Silver Peak on the coast road to Parsons. We will set up camp, and then we will day hike to the Terminus at SLB. SLB to PL (night #1); PL to LH (night #2); LH to BJ (night #3); last day hike ALL the way to Avalon. My husband is a purist, and wants to hike the trail from end-to-end without deviation if at all possible. Is this a bad idea?

    Also, how safe is our stuff at Parsons? Can we rent a locker to secure it while we are on our day hike to SLB?

    Jeff Hester

    Hi Sarah! Sounds like a great plan. Hiking up from Parson’s will be tough — no way of sugar-coating that. It’s a steep fire road with no switchbacks. But personally I think it will be easier than going down (where you’re constantly about to slip and fall on your butt!).

    I think PL to LH will be a long haul, so start early. LH to BJ will be easier, and BJ to Avalon shouldn’t be that bad even though the mileage is long, mainly because you start high and end at sea level.

    I wouldn’t personally worry about your stuff at Parsons. Setup your camp and don’t leave anything like your wallet, phone or camera behind and you should be fine. The lockers at Parsons are not “re-lockable” as I recall.

    Keep us posted and let us know how it goes!

    Nancy R

    How was the hike Sarah? Jeff – is there an ideal time to do this hike?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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