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    Jeff Hester

    T-shirts were ordered on May 1st. At the time, the following people had met the $100 fundraising minimum:

    Aaron Bicknell
    Adriana Tostado
    Alex Serrato
    Allison Litwack
    Amy Archibald
    Amy Crooks
    Angelina Segura
    Ann Baumgartner
    Beatriz Pillow
    Billy Cortese
    Bo King
    Cassandra Rideout
    Cece Lorthioir
    Cecil Crudo
    Chelsea Knutson
    Christine Wilson
    Damon Broadbent
    Earl Ledger
    Elaine Hirsch
    Eric Dives
    Fernie Gonzalez
    Flo Villalta
    Georgina Bicknell
    Gerardo Perez
    Grace Javier
    Heather Shannon
    Jaclyn Mele
    James Harvey
    James McMillan
    Jana Hernandez
    Jason Rideout
    Jeff Hester
    Jennifer Silfies
    Jessica Miller
    Jessica Ridolfi
    Jessica Tovar
    Joe Rojas
    Judy Campanella
    Kanyon Broadbent
    Karen Kissinger
    Karen McCartney
    Katharine Kimura
    Kathleen Miller
    Keith Stockwell
    Kelli Huynh
    Kristi Olguin
    Lesley Glenn
    Letty Serrato
    Lori Brookes
    Martha Kruener
    Melissa Hulgreen
    Meredith Crane
    Mi Hoang
    Michelle Henderson
    Michelle Tompkins
    Mike Gambino
    Nancy Rojas
    Natalie Anderson
    Natalie Curry
    Nick Wagstaff
    Nima Patel
    Paul Williams
    Philip Mack
    Philip Yoho
    Randy Ortiz
    Ruben Martinez
    Scott Jackson
    Scott Stys
    Sergio Melgar
    Shannon Castellano
    Shuping Yin-Adams
    Stacy Kerr
    Stephanie Faris
    Steve Faris
    Taryn Faulk
    Teresa Appelt
    Traci Canestrale
    Whitney Lundskow
    Will Henderson

    There were two team members who met the fundraising minimum, but did not fill out the survey responding with their shirt size: Jennifer Goldberg and Letty Serrato. Unfortunately I could not order a shirt not knowing what size you requested, and sent multiple emails asking for this.

    We have some team members who have met the fundraising minimum, or are close to doing so. Those who meet the $100 minimum will still be part of our team, but we won’t have a t-shirt for you. We needed the lead time for printing and shipping.

    Please take some time to read the other posts here in the forums. We still need a few people to step up and volunteer to lead, photograph or sweep for the four pace groups.

    Nancy R

    Thanks Jeff! Looking forward to receiving my T!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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