Chantry Flats to Sturtevant Camp and Mt Zion

Hiking Chantry Flats to Sturtevant Camp

The beautiful Santa Anita Loop takes you on a 10-mile hike from Chantry Flats to Sturtevant Camp, then on to Mt Zion and back past Hoegee’s Trail Camp and along the Lower Winter Creek Trail. It’s got a 50 foot waterfall, babbling creeks, historical wilderness cabins, deep granite canyons and towering Alder and pine trees. It feels like […]

Hiking Mt Baden-Powell

Hiking Mt Baden-Powell

The sky was a deep, cloudless blue. The only sounds came from the occasional wind through the sparse trees and the crunching of my boots on the trail. I had just climbed nearly 3,000 vertical feet to the summit of Mt. Baden-Powell (9,399′) — one of the highest mountains in the San Gabriel mountains. The […]

Lost Coast Trail: Miller Flat to Black Sands Beach

Last Day on the Lost Coast Trail

Today was our fourth and final day on the Lost Coast Trail. The last day of any backpacking trip is always bittersweet. We looked forward to sleeping in a bed and eating a meal that wasn’t rehydrated. Yet we want to linger and savor the sense of peace and connectedness we’ve enjoyed on the trail. […]

Mt Wilson Trail to Manzanita Ridge

Pacific Ocean View

The Mount Wilson Trail was built in 1864 by Benjamin “Don Benito” Wilson. He had planned to use it to bring down timber for his ranch. Not much timber was cut, and the trail was repurposed to construct the first Mt. Wilson Observatory, established by Harvard College in 1889. Hiking up this trail you can feel […]

Christianitos to Prima Deshecha Loop

Hiking the Christianitos - Prima Deschecha Loop

Suburban trails often make great mid-week hikes. They are usually local and fairly short, making them well-suited for a quick after-work hike. A longer loop hike in-town is almost unheard of. Until now.  I was examining the trail system in San Clemente and pieced together this 10+ mile loop that runs completely around the sleepy […]

Thru-Hiking the JMT: Upper Rae Lake, Glen Pass to Vidette Meadow

Heading Down to Vidette Meadow

Day 19 on the John Muir Trail… We awoke early, determined to get a jump on Glen Pass (11, 970ft.). Last night we camped at 10,600ft. just above Upper Rae Lake and were looking forward to reaching the pass early before it got too warm. I need to qualify what I mean by an “early start.” […]

Thru-Hiking the JMT: Woods Creek to the Rae Lakes

Rae Lakes and the Painted Lady

Day 18 on the John Muir Trail… Yesterday we discussed our plans for today’s hike. We had originally planned to hike over Glen Pass to Vidette Meadow, but decided to modify the itinerary to have an easier day and leave us just below Glen Pass. Even with the modification, we would meet our original exit date […]

Thru-Hiking the JMT: Rosemarie Meadow to Muir Trail Ranch

Heart Lake

Day 12 on the John Muir Trail… Today was a relatively easy day. We started just below 10,000 feet, so our climb up Seldon Pass (10,900′) wasn’t too difficult. From here, we headed down, down, down to Muir Trail Ranch for our final resupply. Yes, you read correctly. Muir Trail Ranch would be our final resupply […]